Brexit is Brexit!

Delivered by Margot Parker, nhs on 20 February 2017

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To The Editor,

Dear Sir,

I read with your interest your piece, 'Would Nottingham people leave or remain if a second EU referendum was held?'

Your report states in a survey of readers, 13.5 per cent of 1,523 people would change their leave vote to remain, while 9.3 per cent of people would vote remain instead of leave.

As you reported it would mean that, overall the city would vote to REMAIN in the EU - with 51 per cent wanting to stay and 49 per cent wanting to leave. In the actual referendum last June, Nottingham narrowly voted to LEAVE - with 49.2 per cent (or 59,318 people) wanting to stay, but 50.8 per cent (or 61,343 people) wanting to leave.

It is clear these figures have hardly changed and despite on the ongoing Project Fear nonsense, only a small proportion of those surveyed by you have changed from 'leave' to 'remain'.

Disregarding that, most voters have now accepted Brexit is Brexit. I am sure those in Nottingham and indeed, across the country, will now pull together and fight for a better future, outside of the EU.

Yours faithfully,

Margot Parker, UKIP MEP for Nottingham






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