Another case to say no to the EU

Delivered by Margot Parker on 27 August 2015

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It was astonishing, (although not wholly surprising) when I read your article, 'How sex criminals convicted in the EU are free to come to Britain because just six members states have registers to keep track of offenders, August 24, 2105).

Along with the UK, only Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, Austria and France keep a database of sex criminals - hardly surprising then that these monsters have almost a free licence to travel across Europe committing unspeakable acts.

Your report and the cases it highlighted shows just how the system we have across Europe for tracking sex offenders - and criminals in general - just isn't working. The case of Alice Gross, which I spoke about in the European Parliament last autumn is a classic example of this. It's yet another EU failure.

If we pulled out of this wretched club and gained control of our borders once and for all we be able to stop these sex pests coming to the UK - regardless of which countries had databases.

Another case to vote 'no' to staying in the EU in the forthcoming referendum.



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