Another blow to the pub trade

Delivered by Margot Parker on 24 October 2014

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The ailing pub trade has received another hammer blow as new laws involving allergen warnings come into play.

The EU legislation will require landlords to display allergen information on beers and wines, prompting East Midlands UKIP MEP Margot Parker to atacck the plans. 

She said: "As if our landlords don't have enough to cope with! This move will cost them in both monetary terms as well as disrupting their businesses. It's crazy.

"By and large most people know what they are allergic to and steer clear of allergens which affect them. This is yet another example of the 'nanny state.'  

Mrs Parker said the rules, which are due to come into force on December 13, are yet another blow to struggling pub landlords.

She recently me with representatives from the beer trade and concerns have been expressed.

She said: "Pubs are vital parts of our communities - the Government should be doing all it can to help landlords and preserve a great British tradition of good, British pubs where people can meet and chat.

"UKIP is the only party which holds their interests close to our hearts."




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