A stack of EU regulations higher than Nelson's Column

Thank you,

This oral question states that one of the main obstacles to SME growth is their access to finance. Whilst this may be true to some extent, this question does not address the fundamental issue that SME's face in the EU - excessive regulations.

Statistics have recently revealed some quite extraordinary facts about the amount of rules that businesses within the EU have to comply with. For example, it has been estimated that if you stacked together all of the EU rules and regulations it would be higher than Nelsons Column!

That's over 52 metres of rules that British businesses, British employers and British employees have to comply with. It really is no wonder that British businesses feel inundated by tides of EU regulations and that companies, both large and small, want to leave the EU.

Only by voting to leave the European Union on the 23rd June can businesses and the economy really begin to thrive; free from excessive and burdensome EU regulations.

Thank you.



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